#Tarkariwali 18 Years of Kusum Shrestha’s Viral Photo Story

Tarkariwali A young Nepali beautiful girl from Gorkha district is now popular on social Medias after the photos of her went viral online. The girl carrying vegetables on her back is being prized for her beauty and hard work as well.

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The photographs originally were posted by Rup Chandra Maharjan on facebook. He clicked the photos in the Gorkha area and now the girl has made it to the trends with a hashtag of #Tarkariwali. Watch Video FULL STORY of #Tarkariwali Kusum Shrestha, Here:

Kusum revealed that she actually wanted to study Nursing. But now she is studying in a management college because of weak in reading. Kusum completed her lower secondary education (up to Grade 7) from the Bhadrakali Lower Secondary School in her village. After that she went to study in Gyanmarga Secondary School of Ghyalchowk from where she did her SLC.

18 year old #Tarkariwali Kusum Shrestha said that while she was happy about the fame, she was worried that her photo may be misused, and was facing undue pressure due to the excessive publicity.